A couple that is movingStock Swap Furniture Consignments provides moving, downsizing, and transition services – services that are as comprehensive and flexible as the needs of the customers we serve. Our Primary Objective is to eliminate the “overwhelm” frequently felt by those in transition. To determine the best services for your situation , we arrange an on-site consultation with you and/or your family. Whether you’re moving to a new home, downsizing to an apartment, or transitioning to a retirement community, the process can be overwhelming. Our plan revolves around the core concept that our clients and their families are provided with the staff and tools essential for a smooth transition.

Together, we will develop an individualized plan that will:

  • meet your needs
  • accomplish your goals
  • fit your budget

As trained and skilled professionals, our Stock Swap employees work through the challenges of each customized job with you and involvement throughout the project.

Stock Swap Services Provided

  • General moving
  • Packing service – includes supplies and boxes
  • Unpacking after the move
  • Sorting and organizing of items in coordination with a move – includes determination of what to keep, what to consign/auction, what to donate, and/or what to discard

For more about our organizing services, visit our website Agape Senior Transitions